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What they say about Annie's Emotional Abuse Recovery coaching:

Obviously, many people are reluctant to put their full name on a website that addresses such a personal issue.  This is why you will see some full names, some first names and some initials.

Here's what they say  in their own words!

Thank you!  You have been a big part of helping to set me free. I am free now, but I still need your reminders.  Keep up the fantastic work.  You are a saviour.


Dear Annie, You have saved my life! .....Thank you with all my heart.  My thinking has changed, and I see a future that I am building within me, my secret life.  I am able to keep my mouth shut and not participate and allow myself a victim to this abuse. To not fall into the traps of continuing to be an emotional punching bag.  For now,  I am having and relishing a victorious relationship with myself and healing within. I am gathering my strength to walk into my future. Your generous and gracious tools have lighted my way! I am so thankful to you for providing this service.  There is not enough help out there for women on this type of abuse.  You have given me the greatest gift of teaching me to set myself free.

Linda C


‘I’ve loved being coached by Annie. We’ve had some giggles together and being fully supported by an extremely compassionate and talented lady has enabled me to overcome my fears and self-doubt.

Annie has assisted me in becoming more focused and has supported me in reclaiming my power.

She offers quality time, and a safe, non-judgmental environment in which to explore your innermost self.

In the space of just 12 weeks I travelled great distances. It has been an exciting and incredible journey and one that I can heartily recommend to anyone seeking more fulfilment in their life.’

Varinia Jamieson 

“I felt that I needed some tools to move me forward. Through coaching, I’ve learned to love myself first. Thank you, Annie.”

J. Calcott

“I had felt that my life had no direction.  I now feel that I am in charge of my own future. I am a changed woman.”

Vicki H.



“I felt really depressed; lost lonely, as my situation couldn’t get any worse.  Now I feel more positive about my future.”





‘Before I started working with you, I felt I had extremely low self-esteem. I felt stuck in a rut and that nobody really cared about me except the kids. I now feel positive about my future “whatever” that may be. I am starting to move into a much brighter and happier world and I’m really starting to like myself…. I have found the way you have managed to get the right stuff into my head amazing and enlightening.’

Kelly Darlin



I’d felt consumed with negative thoughts, depressed and not able to break free from my situation.  I now have self-worth and am more positive.  I am accepting of myself and now I know I AM STRONG.  I can deal with life even when it gets hard… Annie, I think you are a breath of fresh air.  I’ve taken so much knowledge from you whilst enjoying your theories and conversations.” 


Gemma Abbott



“I felt really depressed; lost lonely, as my situation couldn’t get any worse.  Now I feel more positive about my future.”





“ I was feeling very, very bad.  Now I feel better.  I don’t feel afraid.  I’m different now.”




“Before coaching I didn’t know who I was.  I felt completely lost to this violent man and that my life was over.  Now I’ve found my self-esteem.  Life is a much brighter and safer place.  I now believe that none of what has happened to me is my fault.  Annie, you’ve brought me from what I thought was the end of my life to knowing life is out there and I am getting back it.” 

A. Bentall

"I now believe I can be myself and hold my head up high."

Vicky Upton

"I feel much better about myself.  I no longer deserve better - I deserve the best.  I am learning to take more care of myself.  I no longer feel I have to feel that I have to rescue people.  I can be more assertive and get my own needs met."

Hilda S.

"I didn't know what to expect. All I knew was that I needed some sort of rescue for my emotional problems; and I needed to change my life for the better.

Now I feel very good.  I've acquired a lot of new skills and values.  Now I have a clear understanding of what I am worth and I will settle for nothing less.  I've learned to love myself, to be assertive and say "no" when I want to and mean it.  And I've learned to be in control of my own life (because otherwise someone else will do it for me.)"

Thandi M.

"I feel more focused and positive.  I've learned to set boundaries, recognise abusive people and say to myself: "I'm alright.  They are out of order".  I'm not paralysed any more by limiting beliefs.  I don't know what the future holds, but I do believe that it won't just be more of the same.  So I am starting to step forward into the future confidently."

Elaine M

Feedback about the ezine

In their own words:

"I've cried reading your newsletter this morning.  Once again, both articles have touched me deeply."


Just wanted to let you know again how helpful 'the woman you want to be' is.I've just read the last one and re-read a couple of the others. I keep them all and they are so good to dip into. In fact, I've just copied and pasted part of the last one and it's going on my fridge door.


"I really enjoy receiving your ezine.  It keeps me going."


"I wanted to tell you how very much your writing in this email made me THINK and the insight I received from it. 
Do most of your emails contain this MUCH wonderful information? If so, keep it coming to me. Its wonderful!"


"Thank you for inspiring people like me not to give up & to know that through our trials we can be stronger and empathetic toward other hurting women."


I have been enjoying your email newsletter. It is truly enlightening.


"Yours is one of the very few newsletters I read carefully every single time.  You make me think quite deeply about my life a lot."

Nicola Cairncross

"I have received your newsletter three times, and I must tell you that they are not only encouraging but inspiring. Thank you so much.  In simple terms you show me where or how I choose to see things unclearly, especially in my relationships." 


"I feel myself getting braver reading your newsletters."


"Thank you so much for bringing this cycle of abuse,whether it is emotionally or physical, to to the forefront.

Everyone needs to be made aware that the process which these individuals take to capture their prey is very swift and clever; a process which when you look back on it is indeed very frightening.

Thank you for all you do and please never stop sending out your messages that we can be the women we want to be NOW!!"


"Yet another read of your wonderful words. and truths therein !! your words and advice helped and are still helping, aiding, advising me in my world - as me.

Abuse of me as a person USED to be part and parcel of my life...TODAY I do not accept bad behaviour that impacts on me at all,  I have become the Strong Woman that underneath I always have been!!  To discover, and recognize one's true strength is an amazing recognition of the personal power that all women have. I am now focusing on some true gifts in my own makeup that I know I have and can use to help others!! You  led me to this and I Thank You.



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