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 What stops abused women
getting over the trauma and the pain and
getting their life back?

"Give me just one hour of your time, each week, for 10 weeks and I guarantee you will
feel totally different about your abusive partner, yourself and your life…
or your money back."

"Your coaching has been the best  I have ever experienced."  Joy F

Dear Friend,

You never wanted to be in an abusive relationship; we both know that.   

But something kept you there, way after you should have left.  Something kept you there and it gnawed away at your self-esteem and your identity, and pretty much everything that mattered to you.

I don’t know you, but I do have an idea of what you’re feeling right now, because I’ve been there.  Like you, I’ve nearly drowned in the despair and the fear, the shame and the worthlessness, the paralysis and the self-loathing. 

Like you, I've felt that my life was over, because of an abusive man.

If anyone had told me then that one 10 hour course, spread over 10 weeks, would have transformed everything and fast-tracked my recovery, I’d have laughed in their face. 

"10 hours to move on from the misery of an abusive relationship?" 

"10 hours to put behind me a man I still ‘loved?" 

"10 hours to clear the self-doubt and believe that I can have a great future?" 

"10 hours to go from hating myself to LOVING myself??!"

Yes, you really can do it!

My healing came about the slow, painful way, because there was nobody to point out the pitfalls and dangers, nobody to point me in the right direction, nobody to keep me on track.  There were too many times when it felt I was hanging on to my hope for the future by my teeth. 

Because I did it the hard way, I do everything possible to make healing as fast and painless as possible for the women I work with. My greatest pleasure is to make the healing journey as quick and easy for you as I possibly can.

Over the last 8 years I’ve worked with over 7,500 women, helping them to heal from an abusive relationship.  I’ve discovered the very best techniques and strategies for healing and the most powerful ways to communicate them.   

Over the 10 week Accelerated Healing Teleclass Program you’ll learn how to : 

  • Let go of your abusive relationship once and for all

  • Build strong boundaries

  • Feel happy now

  • Develop an 'early warning system' to spot the red flags, FAST

  • View your partner objectively, without getting sucked into all the old emotional quagmire

  • Get clear of the old negative feelings and stay on track

  • Stay motivated and keep taking action to move forward 

  • Say “No” with confidence, and be heard

  • Spot abusive men and abusive behaviours before it's too late

  • Acknowledge your own strengths and qualities

  • Look forward to a better future

And you will receive the answers you need to the questions that, until now, have kept you stuck in ‘victim mode’ including: 

·        “Why does he treat me this way?”

·        “Will he ever change?”

·        “What are the chances of transforming this relationship?”

·        “How do I get my self-esteem back?”


You will understand exactly why it is not your fault; and it never was.

 “You’ve been like a miracle in my life.”   Jessy M.


The two things that stop you
moving on

In the years I’ve worked with abused women on their healing journey, I’ve noticed that just two things keep abused women stuck in a Trance of Misery created by their abusive relationship: 

·They believe his propaganda and think it’s all over for them.

·They don’t believe that they ever can heal.  Or at least, not in any foreseeable future.


Those beliefs are WRONG!

Suppose you could change them?

Starting June 2009, I started running Accelerated 10 Step Emotional Abuse Recovery Teleclass Programs.  The results have been fantastic.  In just 10 weeks – and sometimes less – the women in the program have experienced massive transformation. 

These are just some of the things they say:


"Life changing"


This course has been invaluable and life changing. This has  been the most enabling, empowering advice I have had in 7 years."  (Rosie J.)




I am not sure what exactly what part of your teleclasses helped me to change, but it WORKED!!!  I want to say thank you, from my heart.


First, I wrote to you and asked for your help because I  was in a terrible way and  needed help.  I listen to your recorded sessions more than one time.  It took a few times to really get the understanding that I needed,  I feel as I have some

control over my life now and it feels wonderful.  You were so right about everything!!    As an abused woman, we walk around bleeding in a sense, and don't even know it.  Your classes really have helped me to get the big “V” off my head.  I don't need or want to be a VICTIM anymore!


The men that treat me poorly can take a walk.  I was acting like a victim and of course, I was being treated like one.  It remarkable! You are heaven sent and thank you so very much for letting me hear the classes that I needed so much.


I really do feel the change and it's enlightening.  So much weight has been lifted.  It's so true, when we make ourselves be first. And put energy into our OWN lives, things kind of fall into place. With your help and God's help, the victim is all gone.  Never will I let anyone treat me poorly, ever again.


 Annie, you’re an ANGEL.   THANK YOU !!!!  (Danette R)


"I choose happiness"

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say that as I was speaking with you tonight about my reluctance to cut this emotionally abusive guy out of my life once and for all I realized that I can choose happiness or choose things that will bring me unhappiness.  This guy brings me unhappiness and I've just got to let go and start doing the things that make me happy.  It's as simple as that. 

I choose Happiness. 

Boy, you'd think it would be easier for me to have reached this conclusion.  But I guess I had to hear myself talk about it to "get it".  Thanks for listening and more importantly your feedback and not letting me off the hook.  (Carol M.)

"I did not feel ashamed or sorry for myself"

I wanted to share a celebration with you.

Last night I went to see a movie by myself.  I am 38 years old and have never attended a cinema alone.  I barely go to the store alone.  I finally got the courage last night to go.  It was funny though, as I stood in line outside for 10 minutes in the 19 degree weather (which is almost a record for Texas) I did not feel ashamed, and noticed later that I also did not feel sorry for myself for having to stand in the line in the cold.  Both of those are such major accomplishments for me.  Also, I left the movie realizing that for the first time I was not self conscious about being alone, and in fact didn't "feel" alone.  Something is different, I can't put my finger on exactly what it is, but I am glad of it. 

Thanks so much for your wisdom and care (Iris C.)

"You have renewed my love for myself"

I have learned so much about myself. You have renewed my love for myself. You always seem to know what I am thinking or have complete knowledge of the hurt and pain I have endured.  You have opened my eyes to see I do deserve better and I want to be SPECIFIC about what I want when I enter into another contract someday in the distant future. I am so grateful for your class. (Joy F.)

I took your Accelerated Healing Journey Teleprogram. I too felt and thought much clearer and hopeful and better about myself and my life. I will take your course again as soon as I have enough money. Looking forward to any other of your classes (courses tele or other). (Sandra A.)

"I have a new found freedom"

I have finished your ten week class, re-listening to the audio as well.  After five long long years of living with and in an abusive relationship, I finally found the courage to say enough!  It has been two weeks, and while I can say that I feel slightly disoriented, after all, I was tangled and enmeshed into such chaos , but I also have a new found freedom.  The freedom to think and feel the way I want.  The freedom to say what’s on my mind without fear of retribution.  The freedom to have lunch with my sister, my mom, and Gasp! even a male friend from high school! I had no idea how my abusive partner had cut me off from the world.  I am not taking his calls.  I am ignoring the screaming and yelling that he does in my driveway.  I have found a new ally in the local police department if need be. People seem to talk to me differently at the grocery store, standing in line at the post office. Was I that tuned out that I hadn’t noticed? Or has a veil just been lifted off my face?  I have been listening to the audios to keep reinforcing my thoughts and to give me strength.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  (Leanne  S.)


In just 10 weeks they have learned to:

·        Feel good about themselves

·        Let go of trying to make an abusive relationship work

·        Trust that they can have a great future

·        Find much better ways to deal with the challenges they face

·        Recognise dangerous men

·        Create boundaries

·        Put their own needs first

·        Feel happy in the moment

And much, much more.

NOW! The Accelerated  10 step Emotional Abuse Recovery Program

Over the 10 week course, you will receive the answers you need to the questions that, until now, have kept you stuck in ‘victim mode’ including: 

  • “Why does he treat me this way?”

  • “Will he ever change?”

  • “What are the chances of transforming this relationship?”

  • “How do I get my self-esteem back?”

  • “Is it my fault?”

  • “How do I start to rebuild my life?”

  • How do I stop myself going back to him?”

  • “Can I be sure it won’t happen again?”

What really stops abused women from moving on?

It’s NOT what you think!

Abused women constantly tell me why they can’t move on. Some of the things they say are:

  • I still love him

  • “I can’t manage without him”

  • “I’m not strong enough”

  • “He’s like an addiction for me”

  • I’ll never find anyone as good again.

None of the above are the real reason.  The real reason why women stay stuck in the trauma of an abusive relationship is they don’t know how to move on.  

Nobody enjoys misery.  Abused women only stick with the misery because nobody has shown them the quick, effective way to leave the misery behind.  

Give them the tools and the insights to heal and everything changes.  FAST. 

“How do you do that, Annie?” 

Abused women suffer with relationship tunnel vision.  (I should know, I was once one of the worst sufferers.)  Once you start to look outside the tunnel, you start to see your life; that is, the life you can have.   

 "Ok, so how do you move me
from stuck to happy, from fearful to believing
I can have a better future, Annie?"

Nobody chooses a miserable life, or stays with it, because they want to.  They stay with it because it is all they can see.  Once their eyes are opened to life beyond the relationship tunnel, the can start to go straight for it.  So their healing happens much, much faster than they could possibly have imagined.   

But you can’t know that, yet.  So let me tell me just some of the things you will learn: 

In this Accelerated 10 Step Emotional Abuse Recovery Program you will find out all you will ever need to know about: 

1)    The circle of Violence and the Circle of Healing.  The main reason women stay in an abusive relationship is because they don’t understand what is going on.  Once they see that all they will ever be hamsters on a treadmill of abuse that is NOT going to change, EVER; letting go becomes much, much easier

2)  Your relationship blueprint.    Bad relationships don’t just happen to us.  Sure, we don’t deserve them, but abused women are vulnerable to  bad relationships, because of their relationship blueprint.  Understanding yours is the first step towards changing it. 

3)  How to step out of victim thinking and into personal responsibility.  Abusers control, they leave their victims feeling powerless.  Ownership of your compliance in the situation, your acceptance of his power to dish out whatever he likes, will restore your power to make different choices and hold different beliefs about yourself.   

4) Laying down boundaries.  Abused women have no boundaries, not so?  They believe that they have to do everything for a partner.  In return their partner will exploit them every which way. Creating boundaries is the only safeguard against allowing more abuse into your life. 

5)     Tools for change.  This may be the most important module in the entire course.  You will learn simple tools that you can use whenever you need them to protect yourself from falling back into old destructive patterns. 

6)     Creating lasting self-worth. Low self-worth probably took you into the relationship.  Staying in the relationship destroyed what self-worth you had, and zero self-worth makes it hard to move on.  You will discover how to break free from the negative brainwashing of an abusive partner and start believing in yourself. 

7)      Letting go of your abusive relationship. Given what you have been through, you’d think it would be easy to let go.  In reality, the exact opposite is true.  You will learn why women hold on and how you can finally let go

8)     Reconnecting with the woman you once were.  I’ve never spoken to an abusive woman who doesn’t remember a time when she felt strong and in charge of her life.  You will learn the best possible way to reconnect with that empowered you. 

9)     Learning to ask for what you want and need.  In your abusive relationship you learn to settle for crumbs; crumbs of love from your partner and crumbs of life for yourself.  You will learn how to feel safe asking for what you need from other people, as well as how you can ask more of yourself and get it.   

10) Creating the relationship you want.  There is an unspoken rule in relationships: you get what really believe you deserve in your heart of hearts. (That’s how so many of us got into abusive relationships in the first place.)  Before you can enjoy a good relationship, you need to be able to:

a) visualize that relationship

b) be very clear about what you truly want.

You will discover how to know exactly what you want so you can do this for yourself.

Yes, but will it work for me, Annie?
I've been through so much."

It has worked for everyone who has stayed with the program and done the work. 

Can I give you a CAST IRON guarantee that it will work for you, personally?  I can't.  But you do have my guarantee that in the unlikely situation that you stay with the program, do the work, and it doesn't work for you, I guarantee that I will refund your money in full.

I understand that after all the uncertainty and problems you have been through, you don't want any more risk in your life.  So, I've done everything I possibly can to put the only risk on me.

CLICK HERE to sign up now.

“Is that all, Annie? 
Or is there more?” 

Actually, there is more.  There will also be the opportunity to ask your burning question and get it answered.  There will be a Question and Answer session on every call, so you can voice your most pressing concerns. 

“So, where’s the catch, Annie?
What is this going to cost me?” 

I want to make sure these teleclasses are as affordable as possible.I remember how I felt all those years ago when I was starting out on my abuse recovery journey, like you are now.  I was terrified that I would waste money I didn’t have and be no better off at the end of it.  I couldn’t begin to imagine that I would ever feel good again.  I felt unsupported, and under attack. There was nobody to say to me: “The investment you make in your recovery, will be the best investment you ever make.” 

I could not know, then, I certainly could not believe then, how fast I would begin to feel better, once I discovered the very best recovery tools and techniques that I now teach. 

For me, and for so many women that I work with, recovery means massive improvement in your quality of life. It means that you: 

  • Learn to love yourself

  • Become a changed, positive person

  • Feel in charge of your life

  • Become confident about building better relationships

  • Feel good about yourself and other people

  • Rebuild your self-worth

  • See your life open up, often in directions you would never have imagined

But don’t take my word for it!  Read what some other women have said about my teleclasses: 


 “Thank you so much for the wonderful teleclass.  Your material is so important and it affects everyone.  I recently went through a divorce and this is really going to help me to move forward.”  (Joan S.)

Thank you for your investment in helping women establish healthier lives.  Your investment has already brought about many amazing changes in my life!Sonaleena R) 

 Thanks for all your help in the telegroup.  It's helped me through this transition time of separation and kept me focused on what I want and need (after figuring out what it was!)
(Laura B.)

You hit the nail on the head almost every time for what I'm feeling.  Thank you so much! (Kirsten B.)

“The teleclass was wonderful, and I appreciate what you do very much.” (Karen H.)  

“The teleclasses were riveting.  I’d really like to listen to them again.” (Valerie J.) 

“I had felt that my life had no direction.  I now feel that I am in charge of my own future. I am a changed woman.”

(Vicki H.)

“I felt really depressed; lost lonely, as my situation couldn’t get any worse.  Now I feel more positive about my future.” (Jeannie S.)


“ I was feeling very, very bad.  Now I feel better.  I don’t feel afraid.  I’m different now..” (Rose W)


‘Before I started working with you, I felt I had extremely low self-esteem.  I felt stuck in a rut and that nobody really cared about me except the kids.  I now feel positive about my future “whatever” that may be.  I am starting to move into a much brighter and happier world and I’m really starting to like myself…. I have found the way you have managed to get the right stuff into my head amazing and enlightening.’   (Kelly Darlin)


“ Its always been in my heart to send you an email to let you know that the course has made me a brand new person I've always wanted to be, "ME" Thandi. Thank you for helping me rediscover myself. One of the things I have learned in the course was to give credit where is earned, so there you have it.”  (Thandi M.)


“I found this course a real godsend.”  (Anna C.)


“At the start of this course, I didn’t know how I could manage without my abusive partner.  6 weeks on, I have so much more confidence.  I now have a good job and faith in the future.  I don’t believe that would have happened without this course.” (Susan S.)


“I’d more or less given up hope.  I felt I had been through too much and was too old to start over.  That’s changed completely.  I feel more positive about the future than I ever have in my life before. “  (Angela H.

“Wow! That was one of the best classes I ever heard. You single handedly absolved me of my guilt that my relationship did not work out; you said: "it takes two people". All I ever heard before was, if you change your thoughts you can change the other person and you said, no they have to be committed to the relationship too. 

So thank you so much for that, you certainly made a difference in a lot of people's lives tonight!” (Alexis W)

"What a great teleclass we had last night!! You were fantastic!  Thanks for all your assistance and great information." (Cecilia A.)

I am on my way today to see an lawyer to start my divorce proceedings.  Thank you for all your help. It is really a big step.. it took me a long time to get there . I started your classes in June and it has really clarified a lot of the way my life is and how I want it to be for myself and my children.  My husband is sick and I kept feeding into his sickness for many years. It is true that after a while it becomes an addiction even to the victim. I want to get clean and stay off forever .

Thank you for your encouragement and strength. (Amanda B.)"

"The class has been really fantastic!  Many thanks! (Marta M.)

“Being in an abusive relationship left me fearful.  Now I’m feeling more clearly. I am my own individual.  I’m really grateful for you and having these classes.  They’ve really helped me.”  (Marcia H.)


 CLICK HERE to sign up now! 

“OK, Annie, it sounds good.

But tell me:

Where? When? How?

How Much? 


In the comfort of your own home. Or, if you prefer, the privacy of your own MP3 player.  Because you can listen to these classes, live - and participate in the Q & A at the end of the calls. And you can download them later, and listen to them as many times as you like, on your computer or an MP3 players.

Here'd the deal: these classes are delivered over the phone.

You simply have to call a US phone number, or Bridge Line to hear the call, at normal rates


On Monday evenings, at 6pm ET, starting Monday February 9th and continuing until April 26th.

There will be no class on April 3th



You will call in to the number you will be given for the live call.  You will have the opportunity to ask your question during the call. 

If you can't make the live call, you will be able to download the recording after the call.

There will be written materials that you will be able to access from a webpage.

You will be also have access to me via email.

How much? 

Normally, I charge at least $250 per hour for my time.  My rate for Abuse Recovery Coaching, which is already heavily discounted is $100 per hour (but not for much longer).

For the next 10 days, until midnight January 30th,  I’m happy to offer this whole 10 week course to you for just $120. 

That means you get 10 hours of the best I have to offer, including the opportunity to ask me your questions, for less than the normal cost of 1 hr’s coaching.  At just $12 per hour, it’s a complete steal.  (Here in the UK $12 covers the cost of a couple of magazines, and a caffelatte or two.)  

After that it will have to go up to $140.  So, if this is for you, seize the opportunity NOW.

REMEMBER You will get to benefit from everything I can teach you, as well as sharing thoughts, feelings and wisdom with the other women in the group.   

You will discover that you’re not alone. When you share with other women who have had similar experiences, you will start to blast through the guilt and shame and self-blame that has kept you stuck.

 Hold that thought!

 “What if I have to miss a call or two?”


No need to worry if you can’t listen to a call at the scheduled time.  It will be recorded and you will be able to listen to it at any time that works for you.  (Sure, you won’t be able to speak, but you will still gain massive benefits from what you hear.)  The whole teleclass will be recorded and uploaded to my website, so you will be able to listen to it at your convenience.





As a bonus, I’m throwing in a FREE copy of my ebook “How To Say ‘No’ And Still Feel Good About Yourself”, that normally sells for $37.


I’ll also throw in a copy of “The Relationship Workbook” (value $27.00), which is a great tool for changing the way you look at relationships. 


I'll even offer you 1 Bonus Q & A session, lasting 1 hour, at no extra charge.


That’s 11 hours of my time, plus bonus materials for just $120.


Are there any other costs involved?

Only normal long distances charges by each caller's carrier apply.


Now you know the cost but

Do you have any idea of

All the positive changes you’ll make

As a result of taking this teleclass?


What is transformation worth to you?   


What is it worth to you to regain your confidence, reclaim your strength, feel positive about your future, consign your abusive relationship to... exactly where it deserves to be?


CLICK HERE to sign up today  You will be taken to a secure payment page, and from there to a page with all the details you will need to access the calls.

 If you do nothing, nothing will change.  But if you just start applying what you will learn over the 10 weeks in this teleclass, you too will be a changed woman.  You will feel positive about your future, good about yourself, and able to start holding your own in relationships.


Looking forward to working with you to help you create the future you want for yourself.


Warm wishes,


Annie Kaszina


  P.S.  This is your golden opportunity to give yourself the gifts of happiness and self-worth in 2010. 


For too long now, you have put yourself last and settled for crumbs.  Seize this opportunity to know that you can go into the New Year with hope - and the tools  - to create a much, much better future for yourself.


CLICK HERE to sign up for your Accelerated Healing Journey.






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