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 “I Must Have Been Mad”


Have you ever said: “I must have been mad to stay with him” or “I must have been mad to stay in that relationship for as long as I did”? 

If you have, be aware that expressing that idea marks an early stage in your healing process.   

Although it doesn’t necessarily make you feel good.  Because it suggests that you are shouldering the blame for the relationship.  Shouldering blame is a fairly negative exercise.  But when that blame shifts into responsibility it can become a step towards empowerment.   

How does that work?  It is only when we take responsibility for our own situation that we can claim the power to change it.  For as long as ‘things’ happen to us, we can only react.  We are at the mercy of the world outside ourselves.  Saying that you must have been mad is a first step out of ‘victimhood’.  

(The catchphrase of ‘victimhood’ is: “how could he do that to me?”  And the obvious answer is that he could and he did, so there is no point in wasting time and energy on the “how”.  It’s never going to change anything, is it?) 

When someone asked me, tearfully, at a recent workshop how she could have been so mad as to put up with her abusive husband for so long, I replied that abused women are slow learners.   

Think about it for a moment; we have to be slow learners.  Otherwise why would we need to be taught the same emotional lesson again and again before we finally understand it? 

I’m not sure how I expected my distressed questioner to react.  What happened was that my reply stopped her in her tracks.  It was not the answer she was expecting or wanting.  (But then, abused women have a habit of looking for the answers they long for in all the wrong places.  Not so?)   

In fact, she was very happy to have an answer that offered her responsibility, without blame.  Being a slow learner does not make you a bad, or stupid, person.  It is simply a statement of your learning style.   

There are people who only have to be shown something once to grasp it, and others who need a lot of practice before they finally internalize it.  There are people who learn to drive in 6 lessons and others, like me, who struggle after 100.  If you are a slow learner, you will still get there in the end.  It will just take longer. 

Admittedly, the comparison only holds true to a certain degree.  Abused women are slow learners, in part, because we are so generous with our love.  Once we have started to invest our love in a partner, we have a rare talent for throwing good love after bad.   

Naturally, that talent will expose you to continuing unhappiness.  At least, until you become aware of your learning style.   

Awareness is the single most important tool for shortening your learning curve.  

Although you were most likely in a relationship with a ‘crazy-maker’ and often felt mad, you were never mad.  You were simply someone (specifically, a slow learner) who loved another person too much because you loved yourself too little.   

Learning to love yourself is a key part of your healing process.  Probably nobody has ever told you that it is hugely rewarding, enjoyable, and fun.  It will also protect you from the need to settle for tainted love from someone who is unworthy of you. 


  NOW 1-2-1 Telephone Coaching With Annie



 “My counsellor has been telling me for months that I don’t listen to her.  But when you say something, Annie, I hear it.” Mimi P.


You don’t need me to tell you how hard it is to get your head together when you’ve been in an abusive relationship.  Like me, you've been there. You know.  Like me, you know what time can and cannot do.  You know, by now, that your demons, and his, are always there, waiting for you in the shadows. 


Some days you feel motivated to keep going and other days you’d be happy to give up and settle for a single crumb of affection from him. 


You can waste months and years going through the same old pattern of hope and despair; as if you hadn’t wasted enough time on him already. 


That’s when telephone coaching can really help


Imagine having someone at the other end of the phone who:

  • understands exactly what you are going through  

  • is totally focused on your recovery

  • has successfully helped hundreds of women in your  situation 

  • believes totally in your ability to move on 

  • knows from experience that, given the right support, it will be way easier than you think to heal your life

  • really cares about your present pain and future happiness

“That’s all well and good, but I can’t commit to any long, slow process, Annie.”


Coaching is quick and effective.


Coaching will stop you going round and round the same old loop and start thinking constructively so you can feel good about yourself and your life.


You know how you stopped believing in Father Christmas once you were told he didn’t exist? 


Well, once you have been told who your abusive partner really is, you won’t be able to believe all the lies he told you any more.  Which will leave you free to put the pieces of your life back together again.


So you can get your life back, only much, much better. 


Because everybody has different learning styles, Annie offers 30 minute and 60 minute telephone consultations at reasonable rates. 


Whether you have 1 consultation or several is entirely up to you, but expect coaching to make a big difference.


Secure your first consultation NOW.  


Get the support you need to change your life NOW.


“What will it cost me, Annie?”


"I could easily have charged $300 for an hour of my time.  I usually do.  But I wanted to make this service accessible to as many women as possible.  So, for now, I'm charging the rock bottom price of just $50 for a 30 minute coaching consultation, or $100 for a full 60 minutes."  


CLICK HERE to book a 30 minute coaching consultation.


CLICK HERE to book a 60 minute coaching consultation


How much is that when you focus on the weeks and months by which it will shorten your learning curve  get rid of the pain and the obsession about an abusive partner and jump start your enjoyment of life?


 If you don't take action now, your life won't change.  But if you do, just 2 or 3 months from now, you can be that woman saying: "It's amazing.  I've come so far and I feel so much better."


Your recovery can be fast, easy and joyful. 


Is that something that you want for yourself?


Because if it is, I'm really looking forward to working with you.



So book your first consultation NOW!



"This is the most valuable recovery tool I have used. I am beginning to believe recovery is possible. Thanks." KAF

When I finally ended my marriage, the question that obsessed me was: “How do I heal from this?” After 20+ years in an abusive marriage, I'd had it with struggling with despair, sorrow, anger and pain. I wanted a life worth living. 

I wanted to be emotionally whole and healthy. But I didn’t know where to start. So I did everything I could. I tried psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, group counselling. I read about abuse and talked about abuse. It all helped and I’m grateful to everyone and everything that helped move me along.

The knowledge I acquired was valuable, no doubt about it. But the one thing that enabled me to make the shift out of that dark world of fear and desperation was learning to believe in me again. The more I started to value and respect myself, the easier it became to move on.

Learning how you can rebuild your confidence and faith in yourself is the most healing journey you can possibly take. Your world starts to change the moment the moment your feelings about yourself start to change. 

The more you value yourself, the more others will value you.  My ebook will show you how to do that.

Everything I know about how to make that journey into healing and happiness has gone into my ebook “The Woman You Want To Be”.

It’s not a “quick fix”.  When you are at rock bottom, there is no such thing as a "quick fix".  What it is, is a structured programme that will guide you back to your inner joy, your gifts and a strong sense of your unique worth.  It's not a "quick fix", but most women start to feel stronger and more positive within weeks.

Over the course of nearly a year, “The Woman You Want To Be” will guide you out of your limiting, negative thinking and into a new perspective on yourself and your world. You'll learn how you can access your strengths, your trust in yourself and your joy so that you won't have to live any more amid the rubble of broken dreams. Instead you can build the world for yourself in which you can enjoy happiness, true connection with others and thesuccess you want for yourself.

This 10 step workbook is a vital resource for women who want to discover their true potential in all areas of their life. It will teach you how you can believe in and value yourself as never before.

To purchase Annie’s ebook, go to:  www.EmotionalAbuseRecoveryNow.com


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