As you start another year,

what are your hopes and fears?



“Make 2011 The Year You

STOP Putting Your Life – And Your Feelings – On Hold

QUIT Trying To Get Love From A Stone &

START Feeling Like YOU Matter” 




If you're through with being emotionally abused, and want to change your life for the better,

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Dear hurt, special woman


Do you still hope you can get  your relationship back on track?



Do you hang on to the hope





deep down, are you afraid 2011 will be more of the same



You WON’T want to hear this from me (or anyone else) but…


 the fact is


you’re right.


Who am I?


to tell you what you can expect in your relationship in the year ahead…


I’m Annie Kaszina, author, Women’s Emotional Abuse Recovery Specialist, but, first and foremost, a woman who’s been where you are now.


I’ve gone on to create a wonderful life.


But you have to understand: I didn’t wake up one day and say:


“That’s it.  I feel strong and confident enough to know that I can make it on my own.”


Anything but…


In fact, I spent years telling myself:


“It’s all over for me.”
“I could never survive without him.”

“I could never keep myself afloat financially without him.”
”Nobody else would ever want me.”

“I’m so broken I could never recover.”

“It’s different for other people, they have more skills, more drive, more, courage, more determination, more support…  I can’t do it because I’m alone, unsupported, broke, and in pieces…”


So, I stayed and…


Year by year, the relationship got worse. 


But I still told myself that it beat the alternative.


Nobody could have been more surprised – or more ill-equipped than I was – when I finally called time on the relationship. 


And, yes


I was unsupported, and I did feel paralysed by fear, and it was the most difficult time I’ve ever had to face.


I had to scratch around for support, and information, and all the tools I needed to heal and, for all that…


“I’ve never regretted leaving my abusive partner”


Nor have any of the hundreds upon hundreds of women I’ve worked with since.


You see, when you are in the dark hole of an abusive relationship you think your future will be just as awful as your present. 


It never is.


The truth is, nothing is ever as awful as the pain of an abusive relationship.


Why is that?


Because your partner in an abusive relationship – that is the person who is meant to love you – goes out of his way to **STRIP YOU  ** of


¨             Your independence

¨             Your self-worth

¨             Your self-respect

¨             Your dignity

¨             Your power

¨             Your personal and professional competence

¨             Friends and family

¨             Love and affection

¨             Your hopes and dreams


No wonder it feels so hard to leave.


When I left, I started my recovery at a Women’s Group. 


The therapist running it talked down to us. 


She showed us how an abusive relationship really works – that was an eye-opener, to me, back then.  But she didn’t understand that


getting ourselves into the mess of an abusive relationship does NOT make us stupid, or weak, or pathetic…


And it does NOT make us unloveable.


The more I looked around at other women who had ended up in emotionally abusive relationships, the more I thought:


“There has to be a better way to

guide women along the journey of emotional abuse recovery,

into wholeness.”


I made it my mission to create that way.


See, for me




I know how it is to feel desperate. 


I know what it feels like to be despised by your partner.


It’s the worst feeling in the world.


And I GUARANTEE that NO woman who works with me will EVER be left feeling that way at the end of our time together. 


It ** will not happen **.


“How Can I Possibly Say That

When I Don’t Even Know YOU?”


Because I know exactly what your abusive partner has done to knock you down.


And I know the very best ways to help you recover.


But DON’T take my word for it


Look what other women – women just like you – have to say about what working through a teleprogram with me.  




"Life changing"


"... invaluable and life changing. This has  been the most enabling, empowering advice I have had in 7 years."  (Rosie J.)


"You've become a major resource for my life." (Simone P.)


"I participated in the teleclass and found it tremendously helpful. I was also in a 20 year marriage before I finally was able to leave with my sons.  I wanted to celebrate with you that it's been 3 years now. This weekend I just turned 50. I am so looking forward to the rest of my life with my sons.  Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences." (Evelyn)  




I am not sure exactly what part of your teleclasses helped me to change, but it WORKED!!!  I want to say thank you, from my heart.


First, I wrote to you and asked for your help because I  was in a terrible way and  needed help.  I listen to your recorded sessions more than one time.  It took a few times to really get the understanding that I needed,  I feel as I have some control over my life now and it feels wonderful.  You were so right about everything!!    As an abused woman, we walk around bleeding in a sense, and don't even know it.  Your classes really have helped me to get the big “V” off my head.  I don't need or want to be a VICTIM anymore!


The men that treat me poorly can take a walk.  I was acting like a victim and of course, I was being treated like one.  It remarkable! You are heaven sent and thank you so very much for letting me hear the classes that I needed so much.  (Danette R)


"I choose happiness"

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say that as I was speaking with you tonight about my reluctance to cut this emotionally abusive guy out of my life once and for all I realized that I can choose happiness or choose things that will bring me unhappiness... Boy, you'd think it would be easier for me to have reached this conclusion.  But I guess I had to hear myself talk about it to "get it".  Thanks for listening and more importantly your feedback and not letting me off the hook.  (Carol M.)

"Like a miracle"

“You’ve been like a miracle in my life.”   Jessy M.




“What will you cover on the teleprogram?”



 Module 1


Week #1 The 8 Personas of The Abusive Man:  discover who your partner really is, why he behaves the way he does, what his agenda is, and how he operates.


Week #2  The 8 Faces of The Abused Woman: who you are, what has happened to you, why you gave him headspace, how you learned to be open to an abusive relationship, where you can start to make the changes that will transform your life, and exactly what has kept you in an abusive relationship. 


Week #3  Making sense of “Abuse World”s 8 territories  You’ve been living in Abuse World, but you haven’t been able to see it for what it is – because, from where you stood, how he behaved just didn’t make sense.  Discover how Abuse World operates, why you will always, always, end up hurt, what you can and can’t expect, and much, much more.


Week #4  The 8 key things that makes it so hard to leave: and why it is so dangerous to stay – and, yes, you’ve heard some of it before - but you haven’t really listened.  Finally, you'll understand why you’ve struggled, what has blocked you, where your vulnerabilities lie, and how you break FREE, and stay free.


Week #5 The 8 scenarios you have to address, going forward: discover why your vision of the future is wrong, what you can really look forward to, and how you can create a life worth loving.


Week #6  Consolidating all the learnings so far This is where you get to test all that you've learnt so far by applying it to specific scenarios, and acquire some unique mind-set changing techniques that will be invaluable to you in dealing with future challenges.


Week #7 Q & A  This is your chance to ask and share whatever you need to voice, so you can know you have fully internalized all the learnings and move forward, your head held high, knowing that the relationship you have been through no longer defines you, because you are much, much more than your abusive relationship.


Module 2


1)  The circle of Violence and the Circle of Healing.  The main reason women stay in an abusive relationship is because they don’t understand what is going on.  Once your see that all you will ever be is a hamster on the treadmill of abuse that is NOT going to change, EVER, letting go becomes much, much easier


2)   Your relationship blueprint.    Bad relationships don’t just happen to us.  Sure, we don’t deserve them, but abused women are vulnerable to  bad relationships, because of their relationship blueprint.  Understanding yours is the first step towards changing it. 


3)   How to step out of victim thinking and into personal responsibility.  Abusers control, they leave their victims feeling powerless.  Becoming aware of your compliance in the situation, of your acceptance of his power to dish out whatever he likes, will restore your power to make different choices and hold more positive beliefs about yourself.   


4)   Laying down boundaries.  Abused women have no boundaries, not so?  They believe that they have to do everything for a partner.  In return their partner will exploit them every which way. Creating boundaries is the only safeguard against allowing more abuse into your life. 


5)  Tools for change.  This may be the most important module in the entire course.  You will learn simple tools that you can use, whenever you need them to protect yourself from falling back into old destructive patterns. 


6)  Creating lasting self-worth. Low self-worth probably took you into the relationship.  Staying in the relationship destroyed what self-worth you had, and zero self-worth makes it hard to move on.  You will discover how to break free from the negative brainwashing of an abusive partner and start believing in yourself. 


7)  Letting go of your abusive relationship. Given what you have been through, you’d think it would be easy to let go.  In reality, the exact opposite is true.  You will learn why women hold on, and how you can finally let go


8)     Reconnecting with the woman you once were.  I’ve never spoken to an abusive woman who doesn’t remember a time when she felt strong and in charge of her life.  You will learn the best possible way to reconnect with that empowered you. 


9)  Learning to ask for what you want and need.  In your abusive relationship you learn to settle for crumbs; crumbs of love from your partner and crumbs of life for yourself.  You will learn how to feel safe asking for what you need from other people, as well as how you can ask more of yourself and get it.   


10)  Creating the relationship you want.  There is an unspoken rule in relationships: you get what really believe you deserve in your heart of hearts. (That’s how so many of us got into abusive relationships in the first place.)  Before you can enjoy a good relationship, you need to be able to:


a) visualize that relationship

b) be very clear about what you truly want.

You will discover how to know exactly what you want so you can do this for yourself.



“But, I already know this stuff…”


Are you SURE you know this stuff?


You see, lots of women tell me that, at the start of a teleprogram. 


They’ve been to a counsellor, or a therapist... or maybe they have read some great books about abuse,




They’re still struggling.  Because they haven’t internalized the ‘knowledge’ they have: they may have ‘got’ it at ‘head level’, but


At ‘heart level’ they still believe whatever their abusive partner tells them. 


This program is specially designed to work at ‘heart level’


So, you don’t just ‘know it with your head’, you feel in your heart that you are over your abuser, ready to let go, happy to move on, and proud to be who you are, with all the experiences you have been through




You’ll discover:


The #1 mistake ALL abused women make that keep them stuck in an abusive relationship – and how to get over it, once and for all



How to be crystal clear about the relationship, and why it could never, ever be more than a pale shadow of you truly want… and DESERVE



How to be crystal clear about the relationship, and why it could never, ever be more than a pale shadow of you truly want… and DESERVE


How to get out of the ‘black hole’ you are in, and stay out of it, forever – even if, right now, you don’t believe it can be done



100% certainty, why getting out is the best thing you will ever do - however scared you may feel right now

What is really going on when he tells you it’s all your fault, and why it is "NOT you"


Why you're NOT going mad  - and what your partner's reasons are for behaving the way he does


Things you can do, right away, to stop being paralyzed by the Fear of Regret.  So you can close the door on your abusive relationship, with a clear mind, a healing heart, and 100% confidence that you have done the right thing

A surefire way to ditch the doubts, fears, and anxieties that, in the past,  chained you to him


How to smash through the isolation, so you can get the support you need… from the people you can trust


How to let go of the hurt and the shame, and focus on creating your brilliant future


The way to get break your abusive partner’s stranglehold over you, and stop cowering with fear at the hurtful things he might come up with


The STEPS you must take to walk out of the dark tunnel of despair and out into the LIGHT


Become a part of a community of likeminded, strong, recovering women, who have all shared the same experience, and who will support you along your journey back to self-belief


A proven strategy for shaping a life worth loving – your precious life, post emotional abuse.


“Ah, but will it work for ME?”


I'm passionate about using the most powerful tools and techniques, and  ALWAYS "going the extra mile" to help, support, and care about the women I work with. 


If you’re filled with self-doubt, worried that you are too far gone to be helped, and scared that getting out takes more strength than you have, then


I’ve got news for you:


You are exactly the kind of person this course is designed for.  That's why


You simply can’t afford to waste any more time.

You definitely can't afford to keep telling yourself that it is all over for you, and

You can’t afford NOT to ask for help.



After what you've been through, you're right to be cautious, so let me tell you this: 


This program has already been proven to work for hundreds of women. 


I'm so confident it will work for you that I am offering a:



100% Money Back Guarantee


Which means


YOU can

Invest In This Teleprogram With ZERO RISK!

That's right! If for any reason whatsoever you are not  completely satisfied with this teleprogram, simply let me know at any time and you will receive a full and total refund.

Absolutely no questions asked.

And you get to keep the bonuses.


I can't say fairer than that.


Know it's right for you to make 2011 your best year yet


Don't need to trawl through the rest of this page? 

CLICK HERE to join  my "I'm Through With Emotional Abuse. I Want My Life Back"  program starting February 7th.


This is now a *17* week long teleprogram starting February 7th.  Module 1 class is  a whole 90 minutes long.  Meaning you got a whole 10 and a half hours of relevant, focused information and plenty of Q & A time to totally transform your thinking. 


“What is a teleprogram? Annie? and how does it work”


A teleprogram is a training delivered over the phone, at a specific time, on a specific day. 


The teleprogram will use a US phone line.  You will be able to dial in on your phone – in which case normal rates apply – or, if you prefer, you will be able to call in on Skype.


All calls will be recorded, so you can listen to them as many times as you want to, for no further cost.  (Many women tell me that they find it really helpful to listen to the teleclasses over and over again.)


I will even provide you with the full transcripts of the calls at the end of the course.


“What if I can’t make the live calls?”


No problem.  This teleprogram is **designed for women who have busy lives** - and women who have family lives.  


Suppose you can’t make the live calls, you'll still be able to access the recordings.  I’ll send you an email as soon as I’ve uploaded the recordings - and you can listen to them at your leisure. 


In fact, some people don’t even start to listen to the recordings until they have the complete program on their computer.  It’s entirely up to you.


One more thing I will do:


If you can’t make the live calls, just email me your burning questions, and I'll answer them on the next call.  So you get your questions answered – and everybody benefits.  


 Still sitting on the fence?

Then take a look at what other women have said about my Emotional Abuse Recovery courses:



"You have renewed my love for myself"

"You have renewed my love for myself. You always seem to know what I am thinking or have complete knowledge of the hurt and pain I have endured.  You have opened my eyes to see I do deserve better and I want to be SPECIFIC about what I want when I enter into another contract someday in the distant future. I am so grateful for your class." (Joy F.)


Discovered a backbone


"Thanks to you I’ve changed.  I’ve discovered a backbone in me, that I’ve never had before.”  (Paula D)


"I feel clearer and more hopeful"


"I too felt and thought much clearer and hopeful and better about myself and my life. Looking forward to any other of your classes (courses tele or other). (Sandra A.)


"I have a new found freedom"

 After five long long years of living with and in an abusive relationship, I finally found the courage to say enough!  It has been two weeks, and while I can say that I feel slightly disoriented, after all, I was tangled and enmeshed into such chaos , but I also have a new found freedom.  The freedom to think and feel the way I want.  The freedom to say what’s on my mind without fear of retribution.  The freedom to have lunch with my sister, my mom, and Gasp! even a male friend from high school! I had no idea how my abusive partner had cut me off from the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  (Leanne  S.)


"This is really going to help me move forward!


“Thank you so much for the wonderful teleclasses.  Your material is so important and it affects everyone.  I recently went through a divorce and this is really going to help me to move forward.”  (Joan S.)


"Amazing changes in my life"


"Thank you for your investment in helping women establish healthier lives.  Your investment has already brought about many amazing changes in my life!"  (Sonaleena R) 

"I really really appreciate you!!  Like you will never know.In fact, I haven't told you that I decided to go back to college and finish my degree.  When I got married my husband wanted me to quit school for him, I was a junior.  Now I have decided that I will finish for me." (Iris C.)



I really got a lot out of the teleprogram.It brought together a whole wealth of information and provided great insight, some of which I had already known, from my own work and personal development and journey, and also opened my awareness at another level, and made it really clear for me that it is just not a workable situation and probably has never been ...  (Angela S.)


"Kept me focused"

"Thanks for all your help in the telegroup.  It's helped me through this transition time of separation and kept me focused on what I want and need (after figuring out what it was)!" (Laura B.)

"Pivotal in what I need to do"

"You've been pivotal in what I need to do, where I want to be, and where I want to go.  I'm very grateful for our wisdom, and your knowledge.  Thank you for sharing, and for your ability to share in such a kind and gentle way, but still making points that I needed to hear in a way I couldn't fail to understand ."  (Alex M)

“Wow! That was one of the best classes I ever heard. You single handedly absolved me of my guilt that my relationship did not work out; you said: "it takes two people"...   You certainly made a difference in a lot of people's lives tonight!” (Alexis W)


“Being in an abusive relationship left me fearful.  Now I’m feeling more clearly. I am my own individual.  I’m really grateful for you and having these classes.  They’ve really helped me.”  (Marcia H.)


Thank you for your encouragement and strength. (Amanda B.)"





“So, what’s it going to cost me?”


I thought long and hard about what would be a fair price for this teleprogram.  Considering the potential value to you, this course is easily worth $797. 


I charge upwards of $120 for a single hour’s 1-2-1 coaching.


But for the next 14 days only, until January 15th, this course will be available for only $197


On January 15th it has to rise to $247


Join  my "I'm Through With Emotional Abuse. I Want My Life Back"  program starting February 7th. 


These bonuses are all DOWNLOADABLE.  You will be able to get them the moment you place your order.  Even if it is 2 o'clock in the morning. 



Bonus # 1 First 10 ONLY

FREE 30 Minute coaching session with me (worth $120)


This is your chance to voice, and clear the biggest hurts that your abusive partner has left you with. 


Sometimes, just telling your story, 1-2-1, with someone who can truly hear you, is enough to create the mental, and emotional, shift you desire. 



30 minutes spent talking about it, could save you months, years, or even longer, thinking about it, replaying it, over and over, in your mind.





Bonus # 2  “Married To Mr Nasty”  (143 pages, worth $27)


Did you fall in love with Prince Charming only to end up with The Beast?  Does your partner have so much ‘potential’ that you can’t bear to throw it away? Do you still hope – with more love and work - you can get back to the loving relationship you shared, at the start?


Married to Mr Nasty   is for every woman who is tired of walking on eggshells, and can’t understand why the man she loves so much fumes, sulks, and treats her badly. 


Married to Mr Nasty gives you bottom-line answers that will renew your self-respect, restore your courage, and remind you how great you truly are – whatever Mr Nasty has said about you. You’ll discover what’s really happening in the relationship, how to get back your faith in your own abilities, and what you can do to get back in the driving seat of your life, right now.







Bonus #3 Seven Steps To Successful Relationships Teleclass Recording (worth $47)


This teleclass is for everyone who is struggling with problems in their current relationship, or has ever been in a bad relationship.  Discover the 7 building blocks you must put in place before you can create a caring, lasting, supportive relationship next time.  Find out how you can create, and keep, the love, passion, fun and respect that you want in a relationship. 









Bonus #4 “How To Say No And Still Feel Good About Yourself”  (158 pages worth $47)


  • What stops you setting boundaries

  • Why, if you don’t run your life, someone else will

  • What keeps you in the “Nice” Trap

  • How you can believe you are not what you do for other people

  • How to craft powerful affirmations that work for you

  • How to harness the Magic of Compound Change - and much, much more.







Bonus # 5 Free Introductory teleclass, if you sign up by January 15th (value $47)


This is your chance to:

  • get crystal clear about your own personal outcomes for the course

  • discover how you will know that you've reached them

  • start to focus on the life you want for yourself

  • take the first step along your journey of personal discovery

  • get comfortable with the teleclass format

  • air your grievances, and share your story

  • become part of a supportive community

and much much more.





Bonuses #2, #3, and #4 are all DOWNLOADABLE.  You will be able to get them the moment you place your order.  Even if it is 2 o'clock in the morning. 

Remember:  You Can
Invest In This Teleprogram

With my

100% Money Back Guarantee



So, if you are ready to break the hold he still has over you,  

 join my “I'm Through With Emotional Abuse.  I Want My Life Back”

program through the secure website NOW, and


 Start Your Journey Back To Self-Respect, Emotional Health, and Happiness. 



"But Annie, I REALLY can’t afford to take your teleprogram…”

If you’re hesitating, I absolutely HEAR you. I hear from a lot of women who are struggling financially.

I also know that the lack and scarcity mind-set can be the biggest obstacle on your path to healing and wholeness.

And I invite you to...


What is it costing you to be living the way you do?

What is it costing you NOW in terms of your happiness, your health, and your professional and financial success?

How much longer can you afford the waste of your time, your opportunities, and your abilities?

What I want for you is to step out of fear and scarcity and into ACTION.  How much faster, do you think, will ACTION take you to where you truly want to be?

Do you think that, maybe,

FEAR has cost you more than $247?

What will change if you don’t take my teleprogram? 

What will shift, if you keep on doing more of the "same old, same old"?

How much longer can you afford to keep going round the "Hamster Wheel"?

Take action NOW to create that brighter future you deserve in 2011.

Wishing you the joyful, post-emotional abuse life I know you can have,


PS You get: 20+ hours of great information, cutting edge tips, tools and techniques, my personal guidance and support, as well as the solidarity of an entire community of women who know exactly how you feel , as well as proven strategies for getting back in the driver’s seat of your life.  And you get bonuses worth as much as $288

And you get a 100% RISK-FREE Money Back Guarantee.  

PPS  If you’re still wondering whether this is right for you, whether you’re ready, or whether I really can deliver for you, you might like to ask yourself is this the same kind of hesitation that has kept you waiting, in vain, for something outside yourself to change relationship.  I know how wearing that waiting is.  

There is so much more to you than you can possibly imagine, right now.  And the life you can have will be so much happier and more rewarding than the life you have now:


Make a decision.