Emotional Abuse Recovery NOW

"Sometimes,  recovery starts

when you realize

what you have been through has a name,

and you're NOT the only one to suffer that way."


 FREE INFORMATION - understanding what's happened to you


At some point in time, maybe now, maybe later, you will want information.  You will want to know:


  • "How could he possibly...?

  • "How could I let him...?

  • "How can I ever get over this?"

Most of this site, the blog and the ebook and the ezine are devoted to your recovery.  That is the most important thing, after all. 


But you will have questions.  Until you can answer them it is easy to get caught up going round and round the same questions - and coming up with the same old answer: "It must be me."




Bookmark this page NOW.  When you find yourself thinking that way, come back to this page, read and learn. It will only take you a few minutes.


 It's a whole lot better than spending hours if not days giving yourself a hard time.


You'll discover what you need to know about abuse.  Then you can START TO CONCENTRATE ON YOUR RECOVERY.


The information that follows has proved invaluable  to countless other women.  My guess is that it will be invaluable to you also.


Click here to download The Circle of Violence. This is the cycle of anger, violence, remorse and affection that every abusive man goes round again and again.

This is a key tool to understand what really happens in any abusive relationship.


This is the cycle of hope, anxiety and misery that women experience time and time again in an abusive relationship.

This will help you to understand more about your own emotional turmoil

Click here to download The Circle of Despair.


Abused women use every possible excuse to justify their partner's behaviour.

This is a short list of the things that all abused women say to explain away the violence. See how many of them you recognise

Click here to download the 'Things That Women In Abusive Relationships Say'.


All abusive men use the same script. If you are in any doubt whether your partner is abusive, reading through the things that all abusive men say

Click here to download the 'Favourite sayings of abusive men'.


Making the decision to get out may be the hardest part, but there are a number of things you need to think about, ranging from personal safety to practical considerations.

Click here to download 'Tips for Getting Out'




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