Emotional Abuse Recovery NOW

Are you in an abusive relationship?


If you find yourself making excuses, looking for explanations
for your partner's bad behaviour, and
asking yourself: is it your fault or his?

This quick quiz may hold the answer.



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Does he sometimes say critical things that make you feel bad about yourself?
Does he disregard your opinions because they’re always wrong?
Does he dislike your family and try to stop you seeing them?
Does he insult your friends and drive them away?
Is he jealous and possessive of you?
Is everything that goes wrong somehow your fault?
Does he minimise what he says or does in anger?
Does he believe that men are powerful and women should do as they are told?
Does he abuse drugs and alcohol?
Does he tell you you’re lucky to have him, and no one else would want you?

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  Does he get angry when he doesn’t get his way?
  Has he left you feeling ashamed or afraid and unable to
talk to others about the relationship?
  Does he blame you for his bad behaviour and say you
provoked it?
  Does he curse, mock and humiliate you in public or private?


Do you have to lie or make excuses for his bad behaviour?


Do you feel like you're walking an emotional tightrope
with him?


Does he threaten or intimidate you?


Does he hurt, or threaten to hurt, you, your children,
your pets?
If you have answered ‘yes’ to two or more of these questions, the chances
are you have been subjected to consistently abusive and damaging behaviour.

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