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Are You an Emotionally Abused Woman Who Is SICK and TIRED

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Abusive Relationship?


Are you  READY

to start your emotional abuse recovery NOW?

 "I feel like I am at rock bottom.  I've tried everything I possibly can.  I don't know where to turn or what else to do. 

What could coaching possibly do for me?"


How do you feel right now?


Do you feel:

  • hopeless?

  • helpless?

  • worthless?

  • desperate?

  • anxious?

If you do, I have good news for you.


But first there is something that you need to understand. It is not surprising that you feel the way you do.  It's actually the legacy of an abusive relationship. 


In fact, it's perfectly normal under the circumstances.  It really is a perfectly normal response to all that has happened in the relationship.


Your partner wanted you to feel worthless; that was his way of making sure he kept his power over you.  


Now for the good news


I don't know whether you have felt bad about yourself for days, weeks, months, or even years.  But I do know that you can stop feeling like this fast with expert coaching


It won't even take long, once you know how. 


You see, an abusive relationship damages you in a particular way.  Unless you are helped by someone who really understands what's happened and how best to heal from it, it probably won't happen.


Without the right specialist help, you probably won't heal.  I work with women all the time who have worked with therapists and counsellors and things have only got worse.  Because the therapists did not really understand where the women were coming from.


So they didn't really hear them.  Which meant that they could not really support them.  And they certainly were not aware of the strategies and techniques that would help them to heal fast.


Because I've been through it, I know just what doesn't work, as well as what does.  And because of my training and experience, I know how to package everything that I've ever found that does work most effectively for other women.


But don't take my word for it!

Listen to what a few of my clients say about the

Benefits of Abuse Recovery Coaching


"I am glad to say that I am doing much better. I am feeling the relief of authentically not wanting any more contact and it has been quite the journey to come to this place. Much has been learned in these last weeks, supported by your wise and very helpful guidance and writings and for that I am deeply grateful. I am feeling like I now know that my life lies ahead for me to make it the best one possible and I am excited about that and very welcoming of it, with or without a partner. And so, for now, I feel strong enough to move forward with all that I have learned..." Lea R

“My counsellor has been telling me for months that I don’t listen to her.  But when you say something, Annie, I hear it.” Mimi P.

"Yours is the most helpful advice I had ever received! Thanks so much." Megan R.

"I have gained so much strength and knowledge from working with youIt has made a huge difference to my life." Louisa M.

"I think you may have saved my life!" Anna B.

"I now feel I can break free of my abusive relationship and get my life back on track." Georgia C.


You can do nothing and waste months and years going through the same old pattern of hope and despair; as if you hadn’t wasted enough time on him already. 


Or you can commit to change and start to feel better from the very first consultation.


Telephone coaching can really help 


Imagine this, wherever you are in the world, you can have someone at the other end of the phone who:

  • understands exactly what you are going through  

  • is totally focused on your recovery

  • has successfully helped hundreds of women in your  situation 

  • believes totally in your ability to move on 

  • knows from experience that, given the right support, it will be way easier than you think to heal your life

  • really cares about your present pain and future happiness

How much do you think that could accelerate your healing journey.


“That’s all well and good, but I can’t commit to any long, slow process, Annie.”


I understand that.  You want quick results.  And coaching is  the fastest and most effective recovery tool you can have for emotional abuse recovery.


Coaching will stop you going round and round the same old loop of hurt and pain, so you can start thinking constructively, and feel good about yourself and your life.


You know how you stopped believing in Father Christmas once you were told he didn’t exist? 


Well, once you have understood the truth about your abusive partner, you won’t be able to believe all the lies he told you any more.  You won't even want to.  Which will leave you free to put the pieces of your life back together again.


So you can get your life back, only much, much better! 


Because everybody has different learning styles, I am offering 60 minute telephone consultations at affordable rates. 


Whether you have 1 consultation or several is entirely up to you, but expect coaching to make a big difference.


Secure your first consultation NOW.  


Get the support you need to change your life NOW.


“What will it cost me, Annie?”


"I could easily have charged $300 for an hour of my time.  I usually do.  But I wanted to make this service accessible to as many women as possible.  So, for now, I'm charging the rock bottom price of just $120 for a full 60 minutes."  


CLICK HERE to book a 60 minute coaching consultation


How much is that compared with the weeks and months, or even years, by which it will shorten your learning curve?   Take that first step today and get rid of the pain and the obsession about an abusive partner and jump start your enjoyment of life?


 If you don't take action now, your life won't change.  But if you do, just a short time from now, you can be that woman saying: "It's amazing.  I've come so far and I feel so much better about myself."


Your recovery can be fast, easy and joyful. 


Is that something that you want for yourself?


Because if it is, I'm really looking forward to working with you.


So book your first consultation NOW!


CLICK HERE to book a 60 minute coaching consultation




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