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"I feel so alive for the first time in my life"

I had a few problems in my life when I went to see Annie.  I have never met such a kind, understanding, easy going person who let me talk and talk and I felt so easy.   After one meeting I felt so good about myself.


After this for the first time in my life, I feel at peace with myself and a lot happier than I have been in a long time.  I feel so confident and I know where I am going in my life, making decisions for myself instead of worrying what other people think.  

(M. McPherson, London)




Do you loose sleep over

having to speak in public?

Is Presentation Anxiety
Holding YOU Back?

Would you like to look CONFIDENT, RELAXED and at ease when you are presenting?

Would you like to FEEL CONFIDENT, RELAXED and AT EASE when you are presenting?

Did you know that there is actually a way to use your mind to improve your posture in public speaking so that your audience will instantly LIKE, RESPECT and TRUST you?

"How does that work?"

By following a few simple principles  you can change your posture to convey the message you want to convey.

You know how some people convey terror through every pore of their being when they have to speak in public?  You can hear it in the tremble in their voice, and see it in the shake of their hands and the defensive postural set.

Well, finally there is a way to overcome that terror.

You can learn how to:

  • exude effortless confidence -even if you are still feeling a bit 'wobbly' inside
  • improve vocal tone
  • project your voice effortlessly, without shouting
  • look taller, straighter, more in control
  • keep breathing, so that you are not gasping for breath
  • feel confident, so that you can even start to enjoy the experience

But there's more good news

You can change your posture and kick the old fear habit once and for all - and not just when you are presenting.

You can do it throughout your daily life. 

Which means that you'll be far more relaxed, and comfortable in your skin, as well as feeling confident in situations you previously found challenging.

And it won't be hard work. 

Changing your posture and your body language is EASY

...once you know how. 

So you can make the switch from fearful and defensive, or maybe just tense to instantly reassuring your audience.

Imagine your audience knowing from the first second that they are in safe hands with you, that they won't have to worry about losing the will to live before you finish speaking. 

Audiences will LOVE you

When you present yourself to an audience feeling relaxed and delighted to be able to share with them, they'll get the message straight away.

They'll like you from the word 'go'.  So they'll love your message. 

So how can I do that?

By using simple techniques that will totally transform your thinking and your old 'body-set'.

Discover how to:

  • look foward to public speaking
  • ground yourself, so that you never have to worry what to do with your your arms, or your shoulders
  • connect with your audience from the  very start and stay in rapport so that they'll LOVE what you're saying
  • improve your breathing.  No more gasping for air, or running out of breath half-way through what you're saying
  • enhance voice production.  No more finding your voice going high on you, or developing a croak
  • instantly appeal to your audience through your calm, open friendly approach
  • stand on a stage in a way that naturally commands attention - so you won't feel you have to 'pace' mechanically to stop them falling asleep
  • move across a stage with grace and poise
  • move effortlessly into a 'head-space' where you will be FREE of the old anxiety and tension

Can I really learn to do that?

Absolutely.  Anyone can learn to do that.

Provided, that is, you really want to stop being blocked by the old negative feelings about public speaking...

and start enjoying doing it the EASY way.

Of course, that may not be for you.  Some people feel more comfortable with struggle than they do with the simple, effective solutions that will start to turn their performance around in a matter of minutes.

If you're one of those people who prefer to stay in their uncomfortable 'comfort zone', then do not even think about discovering a better way.  You'd probably hate it. 

You'd probably think that it's just too easy to be true. 

(So is using a computer.  Once you've learned how to turn it on in the first place.  But, hey, we won't even go there.)

Would you like to know more?


Why not contact me right now? I'd love to hear from you how I can best help you.  You can do it now while you're feeling fired up, so that you never have to put yourself through the old agony again. 




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