Emotional Abuse Recovery NOW

"Sometimes,  recovery starts

when you realize

what you have been through has a name,

and you're NOT the only one to suffer that way."

Things Abused Women Say

Hes not like that.

You dont understand (the way he is).

He doesnt mean it.

He just doesnt understand (about upsetting people).

Its because he had a difficult childhood.

Hes under a lot of pressure at work.

Its not him, its the alcohol.

Its my fault really. I provoke him.

Most of the time hes great.

He just has a problem with.

Its his mothers fault. She never taught him to be caring.

Hes a good person really.

Hes a good dad, in his own way.

It will be different this time.

Were working at it.

Hes said hes sorry.

If I just ease up a little on him, itll be alright.

Its down to me to make it work.

I just cant get him to listen to me/see it my way.

Its better for children to have two parents.

Its not that bad. At least he doesnt

I cant manage without him.

I have to have a man to be happy.

If I lose him, nobody else is going to want me.

2004 Annie Kaszina


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