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Annie’s own, personal 'Road to Damascus' began with her first karate lesson... 

Until then, as an academic high flyer Dr Annie Kaszina had assumed that she was naturally good at all ‘the important things’.  (As for the things that she was not so good at, well there was a simple explanation: she just wasn’t trying.) 

When it came to Karate, Annie really applied herself .. and she was the klutz of the class!

Karate taught Annie many precious life lessons: not least that she, like everyone else, was great at some things and less good at others. 

Among the other precious lessons and realizations that Annie brings to her work are these:


  • Everyone has different talents and abilities and most people show a real flair for undervaluing themselves.  They are quicker to put themselves down for their shortcomings than they are to acknowledge their strengths
  • Everyone learns better and faster through support and encouragement
  • There are different learning styles; some people learn quickly and lose interest in a new skill just as quickly; others need a lot of detail, or feel most confident when they can repeat a new learning until they have programmed it into their mental muscle
  • Most of life’s most valuable lessons are learned outside the academic world
  • The person that you are, is uniquely, unconditionally valuable.  The aspects of yourself that you feel bad about never detract from your human worth
  • There are some great accelerated learning tools available, like NLP, to help you to overcome old blocks and master new skills quickly and easily
  • Everyone can find their own best answers and access even more resources than they think they have, simply through the power of language

Annie went from being a linguist, with a couple of academic books published in Italian, to discovering how to harness the awesome power of language to help people to be, do and have what it is that they truly aspire to.

In recent years she has written further books, in English, “The Woman You Want To Be” and “Say No With Confidence”

A business coach and NLP Master Practitioner as well as an accomplished writer and public speaker, Annie’s passion is helping people to communicate more effectively, with themselves and the people around them so that they create great relationships in every area of life.

Annie has been featured in many newspapers and magazines including:  "The Express", “The Daily Mail”, "The Sunday Express", "New Magazine", "Positive Health", "Runner's World", "Time Out", "The Hampstead and Highgate Gazette" "The Essex Chronicle" “RED magazine”, “Psychologies” and “Going Bonkers”


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