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Favourite Phrases and Sayings of Abusive Men

‘You take everything too seriously.’

‘I’ve had a really bad day. /I’m tired.’

‘You’re a lousy wife/partner/mother/lover.’

‘You’re too needy/dependent.’

‘Don’t you ever stop making demands of me?’

‘You’re stupid / fat/ ugly/old/ frigid/selfish.’

‘You’re lucky to have me.’

‘Nobody else would want you/put up with you.’

‘ I only do it because I love you.‘

‘I’m a man, for God’s sake.’

‘You women are all the same.’

‘You’re my wife/partner for Christ’s sake.’

‘Why do your family always have to get involved?’

‘All you ever do is complain’

‘Don’t you ever listen to me?’

‘What do you know?’

When I come home, I expect you to have my dinner ready/the children in bed etc. etc.’

‘You blame me for everything.’

‘Why do you have to take all your problems out on me?’

‘Who’s going to take you seriously?’

‘What are you going to do for money?’

‘I’ll leave you.’

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